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isabel hidalgo

Isabel Hidalgo López

Executive Director - Business & Life Expert

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Isabel is an entrepreneur woman, a business strategist, an education and knowledge transfer promoter as the most important support for any socioeconomic advance. Throughout her career, she has become a Strategy Business Consultant, Corporative Excellency, and Leadership. She has personally worked for and advised over 100 Venezuelan and Latin-American companies with her team of experts. No matter the size or the business plan, Isabel Hidalgo Lopez has demonstrated how highly functional it is a conscious leadership based on the goal of developing a resilient and flexible mental set to face changes. Chaos transforms words and plans into facts and realities that positively change people as well as impact business, the organization, and society itself.


Over 12 years studying and giving support to businesses and team leaders to reach their organizational goals through integrated and assertive communication strategies that have an enormous and positive impact on their businesses. She is a pro-bono consultant in some entrepreneur women programs in Latin America. She is the founder of 032 Communications Inc. and 08 BTL and Events. #EverythingCommunicates #AllHasMeanings #WeAreGlobal


* IESA: Advance Program in Management: Business Administration and Management

*University of Zulia. Degree: Master in Communication Sciences. Area: Socio-Semiotics and Communication.

*University of Zulia. Degree: B.A. in Social Communication and Public Relations.




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