Harmony is the point of concentration, balance, and functionality in each of the roles of our life. Being Harmonious is to start developing as people who complement their actions while maintaining the focus on what is truly important.

Harmony results from “Adjustment” and “Combination”. It is the conscious practice of decisive leadership because it represents a dynamic and more relaxed interaction among the different roles we assume in our lives. Success is the possibility to live with more joy and less pressure that implies moving with flexibility and focus to develop and grow harmoniously in our different facets: manager or entrepreneur, father, mother, representative of the community. It also includes the time we dedicate to resting, eating, exercising or just having fun.

By focusing on cultivating the habit of harmony, you initiate the path to real success, which is the happiness of enjoying life with less tension.

If you invest 80% or more of your time (we all have 24 hours a day) in exerting your entrepreneur role, if you believe everything is essential and only you can do it, or if you think your supervision makes everything run well, then entonces esta guía es ideal para ti. Pues, el trabajo y los negocios existen para darnos la vida que buscamos, no para quitarnos el tiempo para operarlos.

#GozaArmonía, offers you step-by-step tips to help you recognize what is important. It helps you to prioritize, to let go so that you can delegate. Become a leader who cultivates other leaders capable of carrying out incredible strategies. It will help you to #Empower and to accept that your vision is not the only one that functions. We aim to help you further expand your mind and spirit.

It will urge you to expand your mind, exercise your brain, and give it space to think better. If you are the leader, you need to see solutions and opportunities to disconnect yourself from the problem and to connect yourself with ideas towards possible solutions and conjoint efforts to build. #GozaArmonía

#GozaArmonía, Enjoy all the roles of your life and make processes work for you, not the other way around. In the end, everything is connected, and our actions define the results.

A practical guide to cultivate your own #GozaArmonía
tu propio #GozaArmonía

"¨We suffer more in our imagination than in reality.”"


I love this quote from Seneca. It is an invitation to reflect on how much of our worries are only anxiety about what might happen, but it has not happened yet, or it is our attachment to something that has already happened, and we simply cannot change it. So, this guide has been developed to invite you to train a strong mental state that will make you compete with yourself to achieve more goals.



Start by asking yourself: How do you start your day? Do you come out of bed quickly? Do you take a shower? Do you have breakfast sometimes? Do you leave home early to avoid traffic or to be at the office for a meeting? Think well and develop a habit. Take some minutes to FOCUS ON YOURSELF. You have to know what you want to obtain from that day so that you can be closer to the goals you have decided to reach in your master plan.

Some practices you can try until you define yours:

  • Wake up at the same time every day. This habit will also help you to go to bed at the same time.
  • AVOID checking your cell phone when you just open your eyes. Remember: the more connected to your smartphone you are, the more disconnected from yourself you will be..
  • Every morning, when drinking your coffee, tea or having breakfast, think in at least ONE thing you are grateful for and, then, in three things you WANT to achieve that day. Thankfulness is one of the practices of the decisive leaders that helps them to see opportunities and solutions as well as to extent spread their vision to others. Add a short sports routine to help you boost your endorphins as these give you energy. Try and try until you find your favorite practice: walking, running, yoga, jumping, among others. There are many options. Here we will provide you with some five minutes online Yoga classes.

Remember to keep Time and focus.

Dedicate a moment to what is really important. Giving yourself 60 minutes or less in the morning, before starting your working day, can mean a tremendous and positive difference in your productivity.

What happened yesterday? What should be done today? Who is going to do it? Do not initiate your day answering e-mails. After some hours giving attention to worries and problems through this means, the whole morning passes so quickly that you feel you have not completed anything. Begin your day by revising what your team and you finished the day before so that you can determine key actions for the day, and maybe the week. State in your FIRST E-MAIL who will complete those actions and establish working parameters. After prioritizing your day, you may answer your e-mails with more focus, and you will already have on-going the work that really interests you.

Focus your attention on the results stated in your macro business plan and in the key indicators to reach them. Communicate both the good aspects and any adjustments needed. Assume your responsibility when corresponds. Constant monitoring of the performance indicators related to every business action helps the team to focus on their goals and in analyzing contingencies and last moment opportunities to adjust their efforts accordingly. If you are focused, and you continuously communicate with the purpose of the work in mind, the rest of the team will also do it.

Accept any professional, heated and rational debate. Stimulate your team when working with your pairs or colleagues. Transparency is reached through the open discussion of any topic that involves principles, values, and strategies. There lays the challenge for a leader: to accept that he was not right after finishing a well-nurtured debate. Just there, you are also promoting new leaders in the group. You are empowering a person that will accept a higher working load through compromising and will continue thinking and analyzing as well as developing his/her vision in favor of the organization. Steps three and four will become an unstoppable and well-nurtured cycle that creates bonds of respect and community among the members of any team or family. #Empower

Both interactions to measure performance and nourished discussions bring thousands of ideas that could be developed. You should apply innovation as a strategy to keep you and your team constantly involved in projects that encourage you to think "out of the box." From each of the ideas presented, thousands of unsuccessful results will spring out, but there will always be interesting data to learn and apply in other business areas. If the one chosen is successful, the innovation could take you a few steps ahead of the competition and would help your company to open new markets to capture talent. Lead everyone to keep focusing on the search for "more" instead of ritualizing the past and what has already been achieved. #EvolveToTrascend.

I know from my own experience that many consider (as I used to do) meditation as a practice "of crazy people without a job." However, it is a nutritious habit that serves as a "reset" button to the mind. Over time, the practice of concentration has evolved and developed simpler and more applicable meditation styles. Take three or five minutes of your day to let you guide on your work. It's as simple as looking for a YouTube video.

Meditation helps to cleanse the mind and to focus on what is important, in short, it teaches you to concentrate on the spot you should look in any situation. It makes us more aware and calm, and it urges us to gain a greater concentration. If you are among the people who consider meditation a meaningless practice, but you are a business leader or an admirer of outstanding personalities as Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Shakira, Lewis Holmes, Cristiano Ronaldo, among others, then you must know that they meditated or meditate. Do you know why those who have made great changes in their lives and the business world meditate? Because to reach goals means more responsibilities and greater tensions. Few minutes a day throughout the week help to free the mind, stay calm, and gain more concentration. This is what enables high- performance leaders to keep focus. It is worth trying. The worst that can happen is that you do not like it and, then, you simply do not do it anymore. #ConsciousActions

Be consistent with your actions as a leader and the values that define your organization and yourself. Act in an integrated and coordinated way in all the roles of your life; remember that there are four: · Business or Work Role · Family Role · Social Role · Spiritual Role. Consistency with both what you preach and what you practice shapes the reputation of your leadership and sets the basis for new business opportunities aligned with your vision. It's not about miracles. It's about consistency that attracts the right pieces.

There again comes the approach, points # 1 and # 7 will always go hand in hand. The time you dedicate to each aspect defines the importance you give it. This varies according to life circumstances, but it is worth connecting the dots as it is through our diverse relationships (Networking) that new opportunities, businesses, and allies sprang. The right thing is for them to be aligned with our organizational culture, and, in the personal aspect, to values and ideals that define us. #EverythingIsConnected

You should accept changes as a necessary adjustment to stay active, to advance, and to cultivate the culture of "not to be afraid of challenges and teach what you have learned." Points # 5 and # 8 always go together because to innovate it is important to unlearn, be willing to learn again, and re-do, but also to teach and transfer knowledge. Changes always happen. An organization that promotes change is a company that anticipates, that leads the path, and that has fun in the process of assessing, failing, learning, and achieving.

“May your actions and not your words define you!”.

Isabel Hidalgo López
Executive Director
032 Comunicaciones Global

Tools to apply

Read, listen, talk, meditate, and find purposeful inspiration to impulse change in all your life roles.

Recommended readings

Five minutes to prepare your mind, your focus, and your energy!

Meditation is a way to Mindfulness that means to be aware in each moment we live. This allows us to enjoy each role thoroughly, make better decisions, learn to let go things or moments that are not part of the "now," experience less tension and, therefore, enjoy more happiness no matter any adversity that may reach us or any unexpected results from our actions.

The tools that we share are all different. However, they share certain characteristics such as their maximum time length is 7 minutes, they will help you to stay focused, feel energized, experience lower levels of stress and sleep well.

Each practice is an invitation to try new things. Describe those that you like most and that you think you could keep in time. We are the result of every decision we take as well as every action we carry out or complete.

This 2018 #GozaArmonía

Yoga on your desk: (¡Its Great!)

5 minutes meditation Dr. Dinenberg (Inglés)

Guided meditation, Dra. Yolanda Calvo Gómez

5 minutes Yoga to start your day

7 minutes Yoga to sleep

7 minutes Yoga to start your day energetically:

Breathing and mindfulness exercises:


We offer you our Playlist
Some music to relax, to concentrate, or to make your day work nicer!

Recommended Apps: Develop a new habit!

Momentum is one of the applications that invite to perform different tasks every day, through a list of goals or objectives to make your day to day something more productive and exciting. So, try to learn a new word, write a song, learn to play an instrument, eat more vegetables, among others.

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Fabulous: Motivate me! , no pretende que cambies toda tu vida de una vez, eso no suele funcionar. En cambio, la aplicación basa el objetivo general en pequeños logros que van sucediendo a lo largo de las semanas. Ofrece cuatro viajes para mejorar tu vida: dormir mejor, perder peso, tener más energía, mejorar la concentración, entre otros. ¡Animate a desarrollar un nuevo hábito!

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All these actions belong to good habits that you can learn and get away from the routine even from the office itself!