As a team committed to doing, our primary purpose in 032 Communications and 08 BTL & Events is EDUCATE to TRANSCEND. We believe in education as a tool to advance, as only knowledge provides the basis to create opportunities that are sustainable and sustainable over time.

Each project of Corporate Social Responsibility that we undertake is connected with education as an engine to make the country aware of its capabilities and weaknesses. Our goal is to empower a society that knows its talent so that it can undertake construction plans that benefits not only the present generations, but also future ones. In the end, all of us will grow competitively in the global market, being able to create new opportunities for every person, without distinction and in equality.



This inspiring project is led by our sister company 08 BTL & Events; it represents an opportunity to build citizenship and to generate citizenship and quality of life through sports and careers.

Running is a door to many opportunities and possibilities. From amateur runners who want to learn in a healthy and appropriate way, to coaches who lead teams of runners. There are new businesses, diverse professionals, different trades and services willing to develop a sports activity that promotes the challenge and the overcoming of the human spirit.

In each of the three editions of our running school a tangible space has been opened for all sports and active life enthusiasts. No matter their expertise level, beginners or experienced, doors are open for the interaction and the gathering of young and old people who practice sports to cross experiences to nurture themselves.

Our running school is a non-profit event that invites us to celebrate both the differences that link society and the need to accept different capabilities and realities for advancing and growing as a society.

  Sports Talent School “DON JOSÉ BERACASA”  

We celebrate the 3rd edition of our running school on behalf of the Sports Talent School "Don José Beracasa," the only sports school in Zulia State that offers a comprehensive education to its students.

The Sports Talent School "Don José Beracasa” has an enrollment of 403 students who can be trained in 16 different sports disciplines, 14 of them with Olympic status. It includes the following sports: boxing, athletics, taekwondo, basketball, baseball, swimming, wrestling, among others. These students are young athletes who have the talent, the will, and the energy to compete in national and international sports circuits, and they want to build a career in the sport they are good at.

Our team strongly believes in education from each of its areas and granted to each social stratum as a means to build citizenship and make people aware of their abilities and skills to move forward and go higher without limits.

The interaction and sharing of experiences with the students of the Beracasa school strengthen our commitment with present and future generations, to build a society of progress, aware of what can be achieved to generate well-being in each the countries involved.


Through different disruptive actions and various media, we carry the message of Educating to Transcend. We make collective efforts to know the reality of others: communities and groups with different needs, but that have skills and talents to shine in society.

Hand in hand with the Personalized Children Training Center (CEPI) a non-profit foundation dedicated to the treatment and education on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), each year we promote a 3-kilometer walk to join efforts to help to the inclusion in society of children and young people with ASD.

The walk promotes education about this special condition, as well as it offers knowledge and information to the general community about ASD diagnosis, clinical management. It also provides support to families of these special children and adolescents.

Inclusion is only feasible if there is education. 032 Communications promotes the expansion of knowledge in the community, our human talent, clients, and allies. Our goal is to open spaces that stimulate human development by crossing experiences and collective efforts to build a stable and prosperous society.

  A gift for you  

All gifts are carriers of a double joy. They gratify the people who give them, and surprise the ones who receive them. Under that premise, a gift for Christmas is really A Gift for You.

Each year we promise to bring joy to the hearts of hundreds of children and give toys during the holiday season. With joining wills and the support of clients and allies, it has been possible to build a reality that generates well-being for everyone, especially for the youngest ones.

In December 2016, we contributed with over 270 toys for the children of the Maria Auxiliadora Archdiocesan School, located in La Curva de Molina, popular urban sector of Maracaibo, capital of the State of Zulia.

As a team we are aware of the impact and the example that symbolizes giving joy away and helping others smile. Therefore, we are committed to promoting happiness and well-being to the community to the best of our ability, especially in December, where the magic of sharing is in the air.


The WIN Foundation works for the education of children in Zulia state. Through sponsorships that support children´s schooling, they promote an integral education for children in conditions of social vulnerability, so they forge values, skills, abilities, cultural expansion, and improvements in their life quality.

The WIN Foundation keeps a single objective: to train integral citizens and entrepreneurs, capable of transforming the society and the development of Venezuela.

To reiterate our premise of Educating to Transcend, 032 Communications Inc. Team joins the education chain that the Win Foundation supports. We share their vision through our initiative 032 Academy, as they aim to create a school of professionals, to empower students of the region, and to boost human talents. 032 Academy will develop a series of workshops that will be offered by our # 032Team to raise funds to support the Win Foundation in its pursual of promoting education in the region.

If you learn, they go to school!